Marlie Farm firefighters' deaths: East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service ‘must give families peace’ after appeal dismissed

Reacting to news that East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service’s appeal over their liability for the deaths of two firefighters at Marlie Farm in 2006 has been rejected and that it will now renew their application to the Court of Appeal, Matt Wrack, Fire Brigades Union General Secretary, said:

“It’s time for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service to give the families of these fallen firefighters the peace and justice the have awaited for seven years. The fire and rescue service should abandon their appeal and pay the appropriate compensation immediately.

“It’s a relief but no surprise that the courts have dismissed their meritless appeal on every ground of application, and shocking that they will now prolong the families’ agony by appealing again.

“We should never forget that two lives were needlessly lost at Marlie Farm as a result of a systemic and cultural failure of those responsible for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

“The FBU has been proud to support this case on behalf of firefighters throughout this long process and will continue to fight alongside them as long as it takes to achieve justice.”

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