Update: Death of firefighter in Edinburgh, one injured

A firefighter from Lothian and Borders fire and rescue service has died and another injured at a fire in a bar in Edinburgh. At least 20 people have been reported rescued from the tenement block above the bar in Dalry Road.

Kenny Ross FBU Scotland regional secretary said: “It is devastating news that we have lost a firefighter in the line of duty and that another is injured. Our thoughts are with the families, friends and colleagues who have been stunned by these events.

“Deaths in the line of duty touch everyone who works in the fire service. The death of this firefighter will be felt very deeply by everyone in the service in Scotland and across the UK.”

Roddy Robertson, FBU Executive Council member for Scotland, said: “The firefighter who died and the one who was injured were a breathing apparatus team which entered the building.  The precise details of what happened will be a matter for the various investigations.

“FBU officials are already looking at all health and safety issues relating to this incident. They will be working with the Health and Safety Executive and local brigade managers.”

FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack said: “This terrible news is a reminder of just how deadly our profession can be. Our thoughts are with all our colleagues in fire services across the UK who will be touched by these events.

“There are no borders to grief and this death will impact on fire crews across the UK. They will all give full support and assistance our colleagues in Lothian and Borders.”

Andy Fulton, FBU Lothian and Borders brigade secretary said: “It’s a very hard blow to lose one of our fellow firefighters. We all work closely with each other together and we’re a close-knit fire service.

“It is difficult to adequately describe the impact the death of a fellow firefighter has on everyone in the fire service. We are all stunned and deeply hurt by this loss although we all know we have to keep working to provide a fire and rescue service for the people of  Lothian and Borders.”

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