Fire Brigades Union supports firefighter (control) taking Manchester fire service to tribunal over HIV discrimination

The Fire Brigades Union is giving its support to a firefighter claiming disability discrimination against Greater Manchester fire service. The case centres on his treatment by the fire service after he told them he had been diagnosed as Hiv positive.

Fire Brigades Union regional secretary Kevin Brown said:

“ Manchester fire service’s attitude is badly out-dated and totally unacceptable. Once again poor treatment of its firefighters has made its way into the headlines.

“It is distressing enough to be diagnosed with a very serious illness without your employer making things ten times worse. They talk the language of modernisation, while practising old-fashioned discrimination.

“Most fire services in the north west has an Hiv policy, Manchester hasn’t. The result is a case study in how not to treat an employee diagnosed with a serious illness.”

The FBU member involved has organised his own legal representation.

The employment tribunal case is set to start today (Tuesday 29 July), Employment Tribunal service, Parsonage Gardens

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