Fire crews say bullying and harassment of those who had been on strike is souring the talks process

The Fire Brigades Union say the continued bullying and harassment of those who were on strike in Merseyside is undermining the detailed talks process. The union is reminding the fire authority that the dispute remains live and that further strike dates could be set at any time.

A spokesman for the union said: “The national union is getting daily reports of a significant number of incidents of bullying, harassment and intimidation of those who were on strike. This is so widespread it appears to be orchestrated and is clearly undermining the talks process which is at a very delicate stage.”

Mark Dunne, FBU Merseyside brigade chair said: “We have agreement in principle but the detailed talks are still at a very precarious stage. The union nationally is getting detailed reports of a very significant number of incidents of bullying, harassment and intimidation.

“We have said all along there are management diehards who sought a dispute, never wanted it to be resolved when it started and even now don’t want it resolved. Their actions undermine everyone still seeking to resolve this dispute and it is a mystery as to why they are allowed to carry on unchecked.

“The dispute remains ‘live’ until it is resolved  and no further strike dates have been notified at this stage. That position remains under active review and we remind the fire authority the union can notify them of further strike dates at any time.

“We are convinced the political leadership of the fire authority want the dispute resolved as much as we do. But those who helped prolong the dispute still appear to be actively trying to do so and that needs to be tackled.”

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