Executive Council statement

“The union calls on the national fire service employers to make a sensible and constructive decision at their meeting tomorrow. We have reached agreements in principle and it is now time for them to stop dragging their feet.

“They have brought the fire service to the point of crisis while they have searched through a thesaurus for 10 days. They appear to want any words as long as they are not the words we suggested.

“It is time they stopped this nonsense, stop trying to duck out of their agreements, sign off the deal and pay up. In the absence of agreement we will recommend a ballot for industrial action at our conference in June.

“Firefighters and officers in Manchester have now been threatened with dismissal. That is disgraceful. We have also, therefore, given authority to our members in Greater Manchester to ballot for industrial action in relation to issues around the non-implementation of the agreement reached in June of last year.

“If anyone is dismissed, there will be an immediate recall of the union's conference with a recommendation for strike action. That is in line with the longstanding policy of this union in relation to members threatened with dismissal.”

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