Delbo King attack a blow to black and ethnic minority recruitment say fire fighters

The Greater Manchester Police treatment of Delbo King undermines recruitment of black and ethnic minority people into all high profile public sector jobs say Britain’s black and ethnic minority firefighters. The CCTV footage left them angry and sickened said spokesman Michael Nicholas.

Michael Nicholas spokesman for the Fire Brigades Union Black and Ethnic Minority group said:

“We saw a black man being sprayed with CS gas, then wrestled to the ground and handcuffed. While pinned down and restrained he was repeatedly kicked then had his head smashed against the top of the door.

“I felt sickened about what I saw happen to Delbo King. And its impact goes way beyond Manchester and the police.

“All of us who are working hard to recruit black and ethnic minority people into high profile public service jobs were angered by what we saw. Our work has been damaged by this and it has left us angry.

“The police cannot investigate themselves on this. The impact goes way beyond the police and we would support calls for an independent public investigation because of this.

“Manchester police need to do more than simply take one officer off frontline duties. It sends the message they are not taking this as seriously as they should.

“It leaves you wondering what you have to do in Manchester police to get yourself suspended. They do not seem to realise the impact goes beyond the police and they must now reconsider whether suspension from duty of more than one officer is a more proportionate response.

“We will continue to work hard to try and recruit black and ethnic minority people into high profile public sector jobs. But employers must play their part and that includes dealing properly with incidents where there is a suggestion of racism or racist violence.”

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