Merseyside Chief Fire Officer wrong again

A further dispute between the Merseyside Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and the Merseyside Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Malcolm Saunders was resolved in favour of the FBU yesterday when the Adjudicator Jeremy Beech (ex-CFO of Kent Fire Brigade) ruled that Formby Fire Station in Merseyside should remain fully crewed at all times.

The FBU has argued all along that the CFO was wrong to try to downgrade Formby Fire Station to day crewed only status. The Adjudicator agreed totally with our arguments which will mean the public in Formby will retain the same standard of fire cover as the rest of Merseyside.

Andy Gilchrist, General Secretary of the FBU, said: “How many times do we have to prove this man to be wrong before the Councillors on the Fire Authority will sit up and listen. Since Malcolm Saunders has been the Chief Fire Officer, we have seen nothing but conflict and dispute within the Merseyside Fire Service. It is now time for the Fire Authority to act. They should get rid of him immediately.”

Les Skarratts, Merseyside FBU Brigade Secretary, said: “Firefighters and Emergency Fire Control Staff in Merseyside are sick of this man’s total contempt for his employees and the public. We have proved time and again that he is wrong; he has forced us to take strike action and to continually dispute his actions with outside authorities. The public of Merseyside should be asking Fire Authority members to put a stop to his confrontational actions now.”

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