Fire authority chair enrages strikers

In a provocative move this morning, Merseyside Fire Authority Chair Peter Dowd ignored Police instructions and drove through the middle of an FBU lobby outside the Fire Service Headquarters.

The building has three entrances and all Authority members were instructed not to use the front entrance. Mr Dowd decided to drive right through the lobby to use the front entrance and enraged striking FBU members and the Police.

The Merseyside Police were totally unprepared for this move and we understand they will be complaining to the Fire Authority about his actions.

Les Skarratts, Merseyside FBU Brigade Secretary said: “Peter Dowd has the authority to end this dispute; instead it seems he is more determined to entrench it. FBU members are clearly angry at the actions being taken by the Fire Authority in this dispute and I think Mr Dowd now understands that anger first hand.”

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