FBU women members support national demo in Merseyside

Women Firefighters and Emergency Fire Control Staff from all over the UK will be supporting the National Demonstration on Friday 13th July, which has been called in support of striking FBU members in Merseyside.

Chief Fire Officer Malcolm Saunders has been attempting to mislead the public into believing that the dispute is over an equality issue. This is clearly not the case.

Vicky Knight, National Women’s Committee Secretary said: “The dispute is over the Chief Fire Officer and the Fire Authority’s refusal to adhere to a unanimous decision of a National Fire Service Disputes Panel. His continued attempts to use the Sex and Race card in this dispute are an absolute disgrace.

"The Fire Brigades Union National Women’s Committee have been fighting for a more diverse workforce for years - we want to see women in the Fire Service employed on Equal Terms NOT used as Political Pawns by a Chief Fire officer intent on progressing his own Personal Crusades.”

Jo Winrow-Jones, Merseyside, Said: “Women FBU members in Merseyside are 100% behind this strike, we refuse to allow Malcolm Saunders to use us for his own Political ends. No Merseyside FBU members want to go on strike, we are not unreasonable people and we fully understand the concerns for public safety, but the public must also understand who is at fault in this dispute, our hands have been tied by a Chief Fire Officer intent on progressing his own agenda, which is totally against all local and national agreements.”

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