Merseyside firefighters and fire control staff to ballot for strike action

Over 300 FBU members in Merseyside voted unanimously for a strike ballot today at the first of two mass meetings in Liverpool.

Merseyside Fire Authority have until 2.00 p.m. today to adhere to FBU demands in the trade dispute otherwise a ballot will begin.

The dispute is over the refusal of the Chief Fire Officer and the Fire Authority to adhere to National Conditions of Service and the decisions of a National Disputes Committee.

Andy Gilchrist, General Secretary, said:

“It is clear that Merseyside Firefighters and Emergency Fire Control Staff have run out of patience with the Chief Fire Officer and the Fire Authority.

We have tried time and time again to conduct normal industrial relations with the Merseyside Fire Authority. However, their blatant refusal to abide by National Conditions of Service leaves us no other option other than to ballot for strike action.”

Les Skarratts, Merseyside Brigade Secretary, said: “Merseyside FBU members are angry at the way we are being treated by the Chief Fire Officer and the Fire Authority. We are being forced into a ballot for strike action, which could mean Green Goddesses on the streets of Merseyside any time after the 11 July 2001.”

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