Firefighters condemn chief’s pay demand

The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority will on 10 May consider a report from Chief Fire Officer Brian Robinson in which he recommends that they give him a £20,000 pay rise, bringing his salary to £130,000 per year. He is also recommending a £15,000 pay rise and a £104,000 salary for his deputy.

The same meeting will consider a report detailing how the Health & Safety Executive have issued the Fire Authority with an Improvement Notice for putting firefighters’ health at risk by not complying with the Manual Handling Regulations (more than eight years after the legislation was introduced).

The meeting also comes the week after Home Office Minister Mike O’Brien produced league tables in parliament which showed that the London Fire Brigade had one of the worst records in England and Wales for attending incidents within the required time limits and for maintaining minimum crew levels.

FBU Executive Council Member Mick Shaw said: “If the London Fire Brigade was a football team they would be relegated. If the Chief Fire Officer was a football manager he would be sacked. Instead he is asking his Board of Directors for a massive pay rise and all the indications are that they will say 'Yes'. It’s a different story for firefighters, who face continual cuts and job losses.”

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