Firefighters condemn fat cat pay rises

Leaders of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) in London were today given details of a report being presented to the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) on 10th May, from London’s Chief Fire Officer Brian Robinson, in which he recommends that they award him a pay rise of £20,000 per year, bringing his salary to £130,000.

The report also recommends a pay hike of £15,000 per annum for the Deputy Chief Fire Officer (giving an annual salary of £104,000) plus six figure salaries for two director posts.

The report was presented just days after members of LFEPA voted in principle to scrap 16 firefighter posts and make them redundant in order to produce “efficiency savings”.

The effect of the pay rise for the Chief Fire Officer, who has already served long enough to be eligible to retire on a full pension, will be to greatly increase the lump sum that he will receive when he retires to a figure in excess of £300,000.

FBU Executive Council Member Mick Shaw said: “For firefighters it’s a continual story of cuts, attacks on our pay and conditions and now redundancies in the name of “efficiency savings”. But when it comes to those at the top, the politicians always find the money for massive salaries and generous perks. Londoners should really question the priorities of the people charged with running the London Fire Brigade.”

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