Berkshire dispute

Having achieved an 81% yes vote in the ballot for strike action yesterday, the Berkshire Brigade Committee last night unanimously rejected a derisory offer from their employers.

General Secretary, Andy Gilchrist, who attended the meeting, commended the Committee on the magnificent ballot result, and pledged full and continuing national support for his members in Berkshire.

Andy went on to say that:

“As is the case in so many of our struggles these days, FBU members are once again forced to take drastic action to defend their Service and of course the public they serve. This action is not about their own conditions of service, nor is it about pay. This action is about saying to the Chief Officer and the Employers; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
They are preparing to selflessly embark on a series of strike days to ensure that in the future the people of Berkshire will receive the service they deserve; that when an appliance is required it will be there; fully crewed. They are no longer prepared to report for duty and be ordered to crew two, three and even four appliances each, in a first-come first-served lottery.”

The Committee have therefore set the 1st of May as the date for the first strike of the campaign, beginning at 0905hrs and finishing at 1600hrs.

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