firefighter tackles flames

I'll be glad when bonfire night is over

South west London area chair David Waterman reflects on what bonfire night means for him. As a boy growing up in south London, I remember being really excited in the run up to Guy Fawkes night. The construction of a huge bonfire on a communal green near my home was something my friends and I took...

Firefighter George Arthur Roberts

A pioneer honoured

The man thought to have been Britain’s first black firefighter has been honoured, posthumously, with a blue plaque and a ceremony to commemorate his work throughout the blitz during the Second World War. The plaque is now on the wall of the former South London home of George Arthur Roberts, who...

London fire stations sold off

Safety for sale

As the new mayor of London orders a review of the city’s firefighting capacity, Helen Hague looks at two historic threats to the capital’s safety – the Great Fire and Boris Johnson. When Thomas Farriner, the King’s baker, forgot to shut down his ovens on Pudding Lane in early September 1666, he...