Matt Wrack Labour conference

As the FBU is affiliated to the Labour Party in England and Wales, members in these regions who have opted into the Political Levy (Inc. Affiliation) are entitled to vote in certain elections as an affiliated supporter.

The Labour Party is electing a new Leader and Deputy Leader and affiliated supporters are be eligible to vote in the 2020 Leadership and Deputy Leadership elections. 

The deadline to register as a Labour affiliated supporter was 3 February. If you have previously registered as an affiliated supporter then you will receive ballot papers and do not need to sign up again. We are currently in the process of verifying exiting affiliated supporters with the party. If you’re unsure, please contact [email protected] to clarify.

The ballot for the Labour Leadership starts on 21 February and closes at midday on 2 April. The result of the leadership election will be announced on 4 April.