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The FBU have negotiated a national agreement with employers and fire chiefs which outlines what extra work firefighters can take on, but making sure it is implemented safely is down to our members and officials on the ground.

That means we need you to get organised, continue hold regular meetings and do what you can to keep colleagues informed and up to date.

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Below are some essential organising activities and reminders


Watch Reps ➤


Every wholetime watch on a fire station/control room should elect a specific FBU watch rep for this period.

This person will be the contact point for passing on information and feeding in the views, concerns and specific requests for advice of their workmates.

Branch Reps ➤


The first contact for watch reps is always their respective FBU branch (workplace) reps.

The branch rep will collate all the information/views from each watch in the station/control room and make sure they are taken forward.




Every RDS fire station should make sure they have Branch reps in place, if not then this is the time to elect them and ensure that your FBU brigade officials have their contact details.

Contacts ➤


Make sure everyone knows who your watch/workplace representatives are.

Put their names on the FBU contact poster and put it in a prominent place on your workplace FBU noticeboard. This will make sure everyone knows who the contact points are during this period.


Noticeboard ➤


A central workplace noticeboard is vital during this period.

Every member should take responsibility to keep the noticeboard regularly updated and replace outdated advice/reports as the situation develops.

Keep Informed ➤


Every watch should make sure they check the noticeboard for updates when they come on duty.


Health & Safety ➤


Follow health advice carefully - protect yourself as an individual and also your colleagues on your watches and workplaces.

Up To Date ➤


Advice is constantly being updated so make sure that the FBU noticeboard is regularly checked and, where necessary, changed.


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