The decision to leave or remain within the European Union is the most important decision voters will have for a generation. At the Fire Brigades Union annual conference in May this year, delegates debated the referendum before voting, by wide margins, to recommend a vote to remain within the EU.

The European Union is not a perfect institution and, in fact, the FBU has been critical of many of its failings, including the austerity imposed upon Greece. However the union concluded that ‘Brexit’ – led by Conservative ministers Boris Johnson and Michael Gove – would be even worse for workers, leading to attacks on their rights and possibly an erosion of everything achieved under the workers' rights directive which has to date been protected by EU membership.

The FBU would like to stress that each members’ vote is a decision for them, and them alone, to make. It is an individual and personal choice. You can use this page to access all of the resources the union has published around the referendum debate.

Regardless of which side wins on 23 June, the referendum will have a lasting impact on our politics and our government. All members deserve to be fully informed before they vote.


Read the full FBU policy on the EU referendum here.

Download an FBU cost/benefit analysis on the UK's membership of the EU. 

Watch below Matt Wrack in conversation about the decision to back a remain vote.