Climate Change - FBU report


Circular: 2010HOC0029MW

Dear Brother/Sister,

Climate change is a critical issue for the Fire and Rescue Service in the UK. The Union has published Climate Change: Key issues for the Fire and Rescue Service, to advance our concerns on the matter. The report was produced with the assistance of the Labour Research Department.

The Union is campaigning for a statutory duty to respond to flooding in all parts of the UK (currently only Scotland has it). We are also campaigning for the best personal protective equipment, welfare facilities and other resources for firefighters tackling flooding. The Union also believes that the Service is being excluded from Government policy on climate change. We want the Fire and Rescue Service to be central to all efforts to adapt to global warming ' and we want the personnel and resources to do the job. The report also contains examples of what FBU reps are doing to engage with climate change in fire stations.

The research demonstrates once again that the FBU is the professional voice for all firefighters at all levels within the Service.

The report will be arriving at Branches over the next few days. Brigade Officials will be raising the issues within the report within each Authority. We shall also be raising the matter again at national level to pressure employers to adopt best practice policies in relation to the issues we have identified.

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally,

Matt Wrack

General Secretary


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