Leave on Termination of Employment

Circular: NJC/03/02

Dear Sir/Madam

Leave on termination of employment

  1. We are writing to advise authorities that the following amendments to Section III of the Grey Book have been agreed. Annual Leave.
  2. Delete Section A, paragraph (4) and replace it with the following new paragraph (4): 4. Outstanding Leave on Termination of Employment Payments in lieu of annual leave accrued in the current leave year shall be made in cases of termination calculated by reference to paragraphs (2) and (3) of this section. Any leave actually taken from leave accrued shall be discounted in considering the amount of pay in lieu. Public holidays.
  3. Delete Section B, paragraph (2), sub-paragraph (i) of and replace it with a new subparagraph (i): (i) In cases of termination of employment, payment shall be made for any outstanding time off in lieu for public holidays. Long Service Leave.
  4. Add the following new paragraph to Section C: 7. In cases of termination of employment, payment in lieu shall be made in respect of any outstanding leave.


Yours faithfully


Joint Secretaries

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