University of Hertfordshire report - Co-responding and wider work trials

Circular: Employers’ Secretary, Simon Pannell Layden House, 76-86 Turnmill St, London, EC1M 5LG Telephone 020 7187 7335 e-mail: [email protected] Employees’ Secretary, Matt Wrack Bradley House, 68 Coombe Rd Kingston upon ThamesKT2 7AE Telephone 020 8541 1765

Dear Sir/Madam

University of Hertfordshire report - Co-responding and wider work trials

1. You will be aware that the NJC commissioned a team led by the University of Hertfordshire to consider the impact of the trials and, where an FRS outside of the trials was willing to be involved, the impact of such work within the service in general. Circular NJC/4/17, issued on 27 February, included a copy of the report.

2. Employer and employee members of the NJC and a number of advisers met for the day on the 9th of March to consider the outcomes.

3. Rather than the usual more formal structure this meeting provided an opportunity for open and informal discussion, which all present felt to be beneficial.

4. The day began with a presentation by the University of Hertfordshire team.

5. All present were pleased with the largely positive outcomes indicated in the report and as part of the presentation. Debate was very constructive in nature with a considerable amount of common views identified and a commitment to working together to take forward a number of the issues raised in the report that would require further work/research.

6. Sustainable funding is a key principle and further work will be undertaken to scope and map out organisations to approach to endeavour to achieve that, including health-related organisations and further contact with respective UK governments.

7. It was further agreed that a joint technical group will be set up to immediately begin work on the health and safety/operational concerns indicated within the report and also through employee feedback. This will include issues such as mental wellbeing, inoculations, training standards, mobilisation and include the development of best practice.

8. Other non-technical issues will be the subject of discussions initially through the Joint Secretaries.

9. We will keep you informed as matters progress.

10. We also intend to arrange an opportunity for the University of Hertfordshire team to present its findings to interested parties in the fire sector and more widely.

Yours faithfully
Joint Secretaries

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