Investment in the fire and rescue service – a moratorium


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Dear Brother/Sister

Investment in the fire and rescue service – a moratorium

The Fire Brigades Union has written to the Prime Minister and First Ministers seeking their support for a moratorium on funding cuts and to call for increased investment in the fire and rescue service, an increased investment which is crucial to the service provided by firefighters. The individual letters sent to the Prime Minister and First Ministers in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are attached.

Firefighters have continued to carry out emergency intervention throughout the lockdown and will do so as restrictions are lifted. Significant fires and other incidents including rescues have been tackled over the past eight weeks. As the economy slowly begins to open up again, firefighters will need to resume the protection, prevention and enforcement work that is necessary to keep our communities safe. In addition to this, there are the additional workloads arising post-Grenfell, coupled with the backlog of work resulting from the lockdown.

The union is seeking from all fire and rescue authorities/employers a moratorium, so that there are no more cuts to the fire and rescue service. Firefighters have played our part in this current phase of the health crisis but we take very seriously government warnings that this pandemic is not over and that further waves are highly likely.

Therefore, we seek assurances from all governments across the UK that not only guarantee sustainable levels of funding but also develop a programme of investment to ensure our fire and rescue service is resilient going forward. That means investment in firefighters, fire stations and appliances.

Any current or proposed cuts must be stopped and any current or future IRMPs or Fire Safety Plans must be amended to reflect and adequately address the threat of pandemic faced by Fire and Rescue Services.

Members are asked to liaise with Brigade Officials and contact their local MP, MLA, MSP or Member of the Senedd utilising the appropriate letter attached, seeking their support for the FBU call for a moratorium.

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally

Matt Wrack
General Secretary

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