FBU structure: National officers

Circular: 2019HOC0418MW

Dear Brother / Sister


At the FBU Conference in May, discussion took place on the Executive Council Policy statement, FBU Organisation and structure review, and on a related emergency resolution. The emergency resolution addressed the issue of National Officers.

Among other things, Conference agreed the following in passing the emergency resolution:


  • The Executive Council shall appoint two officials who would operate under similar arrangements and conditions of service to the current temporary National Officer.
  • The Executive Council shall consider the individual merits of each case and make an assessment, in consultation with the officials concerned, what working arrangements would best suit the individuals concerned.
  • These positions would be open to any fully paid-up member of the union with at least five years continuous membership.
  • The Executive Council shall have licence to appoint other officials on a temporary basis to fulfil specific roles that have been identified from time to time.
  • The Executive Council shall make the necessary arrangements for these measures to be introduced and will report further to Conference in 2020, including with any necessary rule changes.


Appointed National Officers

The Executive Council has now discussed the implementation of this policy. This included consideration of the titles of the two officials mentioned in the resolution. After discussion and after consultation with other National Officials, it was agreed that the two new posts shall be described as National Officers, albeit they will be in appointed positions.

The Executive Council has agreed that the first of the two positions mentioned shall be filled by Brother Tam McFarlane, who has been filling this role for more than a year. This shall be for a period of five years and the role shall be subject of the review mentioned in the Conference resolution. Therefore, we congratulate Brother McFarlane on his appointment as National Officer.

Invitation to Apply

It has also been agreed that members should now be invited to apply for the other position of (appointed) National Officer.

This position is open to any fully paid-up member of the union, with at least five years’ continuous membership.


  • The appointed official will be required to work under the direction of the General Secretary and in accordance with the policies of the Executive Council.
  • The appointed official will not be required to be based in London, but the post will require frequent attendance at Head Office and may require frequent travel around the UK.


Those wishing to apply should be able to demonstrate:


  • A high level of knowledge and understanding of FBU rules, policies, structures and procedures.
  • Experience of organising and running campaigning activity.
  • A good knowledge and understanding of fire and rescue service structure, legislation, policies and procedure.
  • Knowledge and experience of the political structures affecting fire and rescue service policy at local and national level.


If you wish to apply, please do so in writing to the General Secretary: [email protected]

Please copy to [email protected]

Applications should be submitted by Monday 2 September 2019. If you have further queries about the role, please contact your Executive Council member or the General Secretary for further information.

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally

General Secretary


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