SFRS pay and conditions update

Circular: 2019HOC0360MW

On 3rd July the President and I attended a meeting of the Scottish Regional Committee to discuss developments around the pay and conditions offer made by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Please find the outcome below.

The Scottish Regional Committee of the FBU, with the General Secretary and President, has agreed the following statement:

We congratulate all FBU members and officials in Scotland who mobilised so effectively during the recent ‘staff engagement’ meetings, organised by management in regard to the pay and conditions offer. The mobilisation of members during these meetings should now make it clear to SFRS that there are substantial areas of concern in regard to the pay and conditions offer that can only be resolved through serious negotiations with the FBU, facilitated by the NJC.

We also note that the concerns raised during these meetings had been raised previously by FBU negotiators. 

We note with concern conflicting statements made by SFRS representatives in regard to the funding of this proposal. The FBU restates our position that the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service needs further investment and needs sustainable funding.

We have (along with the Executive Council of the FBU) recommended rejection of the current offer. This position has been confirmed as correct through all the feedback received so far. The SFRS negotiators were informed very clearly in staff consultation meetings of significant areas of concern with the SFRS offer. 

It is clear that if there is to be agreement, there will need to be significant improvements to the current SFRS offer, taking account of the concerns of FBU members. The union has been approached for further negotiations. We will take up this opportunity. 

Nevertheless, it would be highly unusual (indeed illogical) to consult members on an offer which may now be the subject of significant change and improvement. FBU members expect to be consulted on an employer’s final position. 

Therefore the current FBU consultation with our members in Scotland will be paused while FBU negotiators seek to identify whether improvements on an employer’s final offer can be made for consideration by our members.

Members will be kept fully updated as the situation progresses.

Yours fraternally

General Secretary


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