Consultative ballot on pay and conditions

Circular: 2019HOC0202MW

Dear Brother/Sister,

The FBU is currently undertaking a consultative ballot of all our members which closes at 12 noon on 8th April 2019. The ballot is in response to proposals from the fire service employers on pay and conditions. All the information about the ballot, including the proposals from the employers, can be found on the FBU website here:

If you haven’t received a ballot paper you should email [email protected] or phone 0208 541 1765 in order to arrange for a replacement. To make sure that you receive a replacement ballot paper in time to vote, you will need to make contact before the following dates/time:

  • To receive a replacement postal ballot, email [email protected] or phone 0208 541 1765 no later than 14:00hrs on Tuesday 2nd April.
  • To receive a replacement electronic ballot, email [email protected] or phone 0208 541 1765 no later than 14:00hrs on Thursday 4th April.  

Members can vote either online or by post, please ONLY VOTE ONCE, otherwise your vote will be void.

The Executive Council is very clear that the proposal from the employers is completely unacceptable. We are asking members to support the union’s position as democratically agreed nationally through our conference. We want to send a strong message to our employers and government that this proposal is not acceptable and to get back to the negotiating table to develop a serious, professional and sustainable pay proposal for FBU members.

Pay across the public sector has been capped by the Westminster government for a decade and cuts to the fire service and jobs have reached record levels. In addition in every single fire and rescue service across the UK, firefighters are doing additional work for no additional pay. The fragmentation of the fire service is destroying our profession and it needs to stop. This is why we have developed a national pay strategy and have been undertaking work to defend a UK-wide system of pay and conditions.

The union needs to control and shape the changes to our service or we risk change taking control of us through imposition at a local level. The best way to achieve national standards and democratic accountability is through national bargaining through the NJC. It cannot be right or fair that members in different services are receiving differing pay for the same work. This ballot is the start of our campaign to take on employers and the government; to send a message that we will stand united and will not be weakened.

Please make sure you use your vote!

Vote YES and YES

Yours fraternally,


Matt Wrack

General Secretary

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