Grenfell: interviews in non-London Controls

Circular: 2017HOC0587MW

Dear Brother/Sister

Grenfell: interviews in non-London Controls

We are aware that various emergency fire controls besides London took calls relating to the fire at Grenfell Tower. The Metropolitan Police are currently conducting interviews of fire and rescue service personnel, including control members. This will include members in non-London controls which dealt with calls relating to Grenfell.

The FBU has been assisting in this interview process and has been providing representatives to attend the interviews with the individual members concerned. Members are strongly advised to ask to be accompanied by an appropriate representative from the FBU in any such interview. The FBU officials concerned are being provided with the necessary advice and information to enable them to undertake this role.

If you become aware that interviews are due to take place with members in your control, please inform your local FBU official immediately (at branch or brigade level) so that arrangements can be made with the members concerned, the police and local managers.

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally

Matt Wrack
General Secretary

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