NJC Circulars – Issues arising from NJC held on 5 October 2017


Circular: 2017HOC0545AD

Dear Brother/Sister

NJC Circulars – Issues arising from NJC held on 5 October 2017

Please find attached to this all members’ circular the following NJC joint circulars:

  • NJC/10/17 – Meetings of the National Joint Council and Middle Managers Negotiating Body 5 October 2017.
  • NJC/11/17 – Annual Report of the Independent Chair 2016 – 2017.

The subject matter of all these circulars will be of interest to members, however the most immediate issue is that of pay.

As reported in paragraphs 6-8 within NJC Circular 10/17, the Executive Council and employers’ side of the MMNB agreed to seek further information and clarification in respect of the employers suggested letter and notified the employers on 5 October.

A pressing issue for a number of members, primarily amongst our officers, is the matter of the car taxation changes. As previously reported we are taking a number of steps in this regard including urging the Chancellor to address the issue in the Budget. The NJC/MMNB agreed to pursue this issue which was identified as being of mutual interest. This is reported in paragraphs 12-14 of NJC circular 10/17.

Clearly there will be further developments on these matters and members will be kept informed.

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally

Andy Dark
Assistant General Secretary

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