People's assembly march and rally - Saturday, 16 April 2016, 1pm


Circular: 2016HOC0178DG

Dear Brother/Sister

The election of the Conservative Government last May spelt misery for workers across the UK. They have shown little sign of halting their ideologically driven and discredited austerity measures, public sector pay freezes and disgraceful attacks on our trade union movement.

In the past year the Westminster Government has announced its intention to further cut funding to the fire and rescue service by another 20% during the course of this parliament. They have laid plans for Police and Crime Commissioners to take over elected fire authorities in England, and have launched an attack on our movement through its Trade Union Bill.

FBU members and other trade unions have been ferociously campaigning against these moves and other attacks on working people.

This government has presided over the biggest housing crisis in generations, rents have soared and there is a lack of affordable housing. They have attempted to dismantle our NHS and starve it of funding. Sustained cuts have seen the loss of thousands of public sector jobs. 7,000 firefighter jobs have gone since 2010. The Government now wants to eliminate the notion of comprehensive education by forcing all schools to become academies.

The People’s Assembly have called a major march and rally against this Government’s vindictive policies on Saturday 16th April 2016.

This demonstration is about the wider attacks on all public services and on our movement. We urge all members to join the demonstration, and stand shoulder to shoulder with other trade unionists and activists to say, enough is enough – end austerity now. Last summer a similar demonstration attracted 250,000 to the streets of London. This had a real impact - putting pressure on the Tories, and helping catapult Jeremy Corbyn, an anti-austerity voice, to the leadership of the Labour Party.

This march is assembling towards the end of Gower Street, at the start of Euston Road (NW1) in central London at 1pm. The nearest Tube Station is Goodge Street (served by the Northern Line).  The assembly point is also only a short walk from Euston, Kings Cross and St. Pancras railway stations.

Look out for the FBU fire appliance on the march – FBU members will be congregating next to it.

The march will then move on to Trafalgar Square where a rally will take place. Confirmed speakers include FBU general secretary, Matt Wrack and the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

A map of the route can be viewed here:

The People’s Assembly have helpfully compiled a list of the coaches going to the demonstration that you can get tickets for:  Alternatively, speak to your brigade and regional reps about transport to the demonstration.

Yours fraternally,

Dave Green
National Officer

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