Hands Off Our Pensions - Lobbying MPs and influencing debates


Circular: 2011HOC0541SS

Dear Brother/Sister,

Delegations from several brigades and regions have taken part in lobbying their respective Members of Parliament as the FBU continues to campaign to defend public service pensions. I am aware that these lobbies have taken place in person, centrally at Westminster or locally at surgeries or on fire stations, or via letters to MPs.

MPs have been asked to sign early day motion 2049 (Firefighter Pensions), to raise issues with the Fire Minister and also in relevant debates in Parliament. To date 105 MPs from all parties and parts of the UK have signed the early day motion which reflects the tremendous effort of those who have become involved in this process.

Officials should also be aware that the lobbying has had an additional impact on the fire service pension position and a good example of this can be evidenced in the debate that followed the statement by Danny Alexander on public service pensions that took place yesterday.

Following the statement several MPs raised issues specific to the fire service pensions. Extracts from the debate highlighting these references are included in the attachment that accompanies this circular.

FBU head office and the FBU Parliamentary Group have been working tremendously hard to make sure that this issue is brought to the attention of all MPs and recognise that issues were also raised by Conservative MPs in the debate yesterday which highlights the strength of feeling that the continued lobbying efforts are creating.

Please take this as an encouraging sign to show those of you that have lobbied that your efforts are being recognised and those that have yet to lobby as an indication that there is a great deal to gain from becoming involved in this process.

Head Office has a simple system for supporting delegations wishing to lobby their MPs which involves the FBU Parliamentary Group and National Officer Dave Green.

If you wish to lobby your MP please contact Dave [email protected] for further details.

Yours in Unity,

Sean Starbuck

National Officer


MPs involved in the Pensions Debate 02nd November 2011


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