Access to modified pension scheme for Firefighters working the Retained duty system

Circular: 2011HOC0369SS

Dear Brother/Sister,

Members and officials will be aware that due to the continuing unacceptable delay in them implementing the legislation which will allow eligible RDS firefighters  access  to the 'Modified' Firefighters' Pension Scheme the FBU has been applying pressure on the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The FBU has made it quite clear on numerous occasions that this delay is entirely the responsibility of DCLG and their legal team, and it represents a further attack on firefighter Pension Schemes in general.

To this end the FBU instructed its legal team to write formally to Treasury Solicitors highlighting the unacceptable position and explaining that further legal action will be taken in the event of any continued delay. In addition to this, a letter was also sent to the English Fire Minister Bob Neill, which also highlighted the union's frustration and concern at the unacceptable delay, which the FBU reiterated was entirely the fault of DCLG.

On 22nd July 2011 the FBU received a response from Bob Neill, which accepted that it was important to implement the order as soon as possible and that he would do all he could to ensure the FBU is presented with a draft order as soon as possible.

Subsequently, at a meeting which took place with the FBU General Secretary and Assistant General Secretary on 27th July 2011, Bob Neill gave an assurance that this draft order would be made available to the union in the last week of August or at the latest in the first two weeks of September.

The FBU recognises that members wishing to join this 'Modified' scheme have been very patient and that this patience is wearing very thin.  However it must be reiterated that the delays are entirely the fault of DCLG and its legal team and that the union will be continually pressing all parties to achieve the position that was won after an extensive legal challenge.

Members and officials will be given updates on this issue via Head Office circulars and the FBU website

Yours in Unity,

Sean Starbuck

National Officer


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