Investigation into Deaths of Members - Hampshire

Circular: 2010HOC0232MW

Dear Brother / Sister

Circular 2010HOC0213MW reported to all FBU members the tragic deaths of brothers James Shears and Alan Bannon. This is to outline the measures the Union has taken so far and the advice being provided to Hampshire members.

The Union's primary aim in this process is to uncover the initial and underlying cause so as to prevent reoccurrence of a similar tragedy, and enable the families to understand the events that led to this terrible loss.

Arrangements have already been put in place in relation to payments under the Accident and Injury Fund. Contact has also been made with Thompsons solicitors in relation to the legal advice and representation available to the families. Thompsons are the most experienced firm of solicitors dealing with such matters within the Fire Service and we can therefore be confident that the best possible legal advice and support will be provided.

In relation to investigating the incident, arrangements have been made to draw a team together to assist with this process. This includes drawing in the support of experienced officials from other Regions. Over coming days and weeks, you will become aware of the local officials involved and all members are asked to cooperate in what will be an extremely difficult process.

Advice for members facing interview

The police are currently conducting an investigation into the deaths.  All members will be keen to assist this process. We all want to assist in identifying what happened. Ultimately we want to learn lessons to try to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.

The interviews currently being conducted are to try to identify what happened. They are not about apportioning blame. Members are encouraged to fully cooperate. If necessary and appropriate, legal advice and assistance will be available in relation to these developments.

N.B.       Any members asked to attend for interview should contact a local FBU official. Members have been allowed to have an FBU official present during interview and all members are encouraged to take up this opportunity.

Officials' contact details

Executive Council Member: Karl Horan     07917 065856

Regional Secretary: Ricky Matthews         07917 065863

Brigade Secretary: Paul Trew                  07917 065877

Brigade Chair: Eddie Burrows                  07917 065876

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally

Matt Wrack

General Secretary


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