Justice for Firefighters pensions - Revisions to CLG guidance


Circular: 2008HOC0328MW

Dear Brother/Sister

Further to All Members Circular 2008HOC0326MW issued today, I am now able to issue the attached documents for your information. Following the discussions with the FBU, these are now to be issued to the Ill-Health Review Group for consideration.

Copies of the attached documents will be prepared for Annual Conference delegates in Southport next week, but this circular is issued to allow maximum time for consideration. We shall also work on commentary notes to provide an explanation of the discussions and how the documents evolved.

The documents are works in progress. We have certainly identified additional points, including a number of typographical errors. In relation to the IQMP guidance, we have also raised wider points which may lead to further amendments to the guidance. However, where these may not have a direct impact on the immediate issues facing us regarding ill-health pensions, we have agreed to discuss these as part of a wider subsequent examination of the guidance.

Due to the timescales involved, this circular will also be sent by e-mail to all officials on the union's e-mail system. This will allow maximum access to the information. For the same reason a printed copy of the CLG documents will not be sent with the hard copy of this circular posted to officials.

We are still discussing various aspects of these developments with our legal advisors and will report more fully to the Executive Council and to Annual Conference next week.

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally

Matt Wrack

General Secretary

Draft Circular 160508

IQMP Guidance 15 may


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