Justice for firefighter pensions campaign - ill-health retirement under the Firefighters’ Pension Schemes

Circular: 2007HOC0581SS

Dear Brother/Sister,

Justice for firefighter pension’s campaign: ill Health retirement under the Firefighters’ Pension Schemes

Please find enclosed samples stickers which can be used during our Justice for Firefighter Pensions’ campaign. You can order more from your FBU regional office.

Details of our concerns at the attack on our pension rights as a result of new Government guidance on ill-health retirements has been covered in recent circulars 2007HOC0565MW and 2007HOC0510MW.

The issue has also been covered in the October edition of Firefighter magazine, in the Justice for Firefighter Pensions’ link on the FBU website, in e-bulletin 118 and further information has been made directly available to help branch officials to assist in briefing members.

Detailed information has now been placed on the FBU website. We are planning to produce our own short film on the issue, with a selection of interviews, and to have this available through our website in the next few weeks.

The union is continuing to build a campaign to inform members, MPs, fire authorities, Government ministers and civil servants at the Department for Communities and Local Government. We will keep you as fully informed as possible through circulars, the union’s written publications, e-bulletins and the FBU website as we strive to resolve the problems created by the Government’s new pension scheme guidance.

Yours in Unity,



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