Merseyside Hardship Fund

Circular: 2006HOC0765MW

Dear Brother/Sister,

Merseyside Hardship Fund

You will be aware of previous circulars on this issue. Our members in Merseyside have suffered considerable financial losses as a result of their recent industrial action and it is important that all members continue to provide as much support as is possible.

The union recently held its annual general meetings for the union's sections. At these six meeting, collections were held and delegates asked to contribute to the Fund. I am pleased to report that these collections raised £1,692.00.

The meeting of delegates of the Gay and Lesbian section also proposed a further donation to the Hardship Fund from the Executive Council of £10,000. This was subsequently agreed by the Executive Council and has now been paid.

I ask all members to consider what can be done to provide support to our Merseyside members and their families as we approach Christmas.

Yours fraternally



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