Merseyside ballot result

Circular: 2006HOC0491MW


Dear Brother/Sister,

You will be aware that our brothers and sisters in Merseyside have been balloted over the cuts in fire cover and personnel proposed by the employers in that Brigade.

This circular is to confirm to you that our members in Merseyside have made their feelings known in no uncertain terms through the votes that they have cast in that ballot, which are shown below.

Number of votes cast in the ballot:                   [           900      ]

Number of individuals answering “yes”:          [           642      ]

Number of individuals answering “no”:           [           257      ]

Number of spoiled voting papers:                     [           1          ]

These figures are based upon a tremendous 81% turnout by the members in the ballot. I am sure you will join me in congratulating all officials and activists for the work they have put in to ensure that members were fully informed of the issues involved. Similarly I am sure you will join me in congratulating the members themselves for their participation in the campaign and in the balloting process.

I can also announce that the Brigade Committee in Merseyside have decided that the first period of strike action will take place over four day period:

Commencing 1000 hours 31st August 2006 to 1000 hours 4th September 2006

Members of the Executive Council and Head Office Officials will be in attendance in Merseyside during that period and the Merseyside Brigade Committee clearly welcome any show of solidarity you may wish to show by sending letters of support both individually and from your branches.

Moreover, I am sure many of you will wish to show your solidarity by going to Merseyside throughout this period of strike action and future periods which are called. You are assured of a warm welcome on the picket lines in Merseyside and I urge you to attend if you are able to do so.

Details of the Hardship Fund will follow shortly on a separate circular.

Yours fraternally,


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