re: Public services not private profit campaign

Circular: 2006HOC0358DM

Dear Brother/Sister,

Re: Public Services NOT Private Profit Campaign

Further to my previous circular please find attached updated details of the national lobby in Westminster on the 27th June.

Since 1997 £300 Million worth of PFI contracts have been awarded in the Fire Service. These include:

Building of Fire Stations
Fleet management
Management of our PPE
Building maintenance including cleaning
Catering Services

The process for awarding a PFI takes on average a little under 3 years as against 1 year for the traditional process. This additional time has an impact on overall costs incurred in addition to the time delay itself.

The majority of PFI’s in the Fire Service incur costs exceeding £100,000 on external advisors alone. Public funding of the Fire Service should result in improvements for the public not improvement in the bank balances of private companies and individuals.

John McDonnell MP of the FBU’s Parliamentary Support Group has tabled an Early Day Motion to act as the central focus of the campaign in Parliament. EDM’s are parliamentary petitions which allow MP’s to draw attention to issues of concern. The text of EDM 1940 is as follows:

‘That this House expresses concern at the increasing trend in Government for the privatisation of public services, including the promotion of contestability and outsourcing, which puts at risk the accountable and effective delivery of a wide range of public services and a large number of public sector jobs in health, education, the Civil Service, prisons and probation, postal services, public service broadcasting, defence, transport, fire safety and community services; and welcomes the launch of the Public Services Not Private Profit campaign, which brings together trade unions across the public sector, calling upon the Government to introduce a moratorium on privatisation and to engage in a constructive dialogue over how Government, local communities and the trade unions can work together to provide the high quality public services this country needs.’

Please ask your local MP to sign this EDM if they have not already done so in order to build support in Parliament for the campaign.

In addition to requesting support for EDM 1940 members can assist in ensuring we are not subjected to privatisation of services by attending the Rally on 27th June in London with members of your watch, station or workplace.

In a report published as part of Mr. Brown's 10th budget, he revealed that the public sector has so far signed 700 PFI projects.

Over the next four to five years the government plans to begin another 200 projects worth a total of £26bn, representing the largest programme of its kind in the world.

Our services are not for sale.

Please make every effort to attend the rally and resist the escalating move to securing private profits at the cost of public services.

Yours fraternally,

National Officer

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