Pensions update

Circular: 2006HOC0032JM

Dear Brother / Sister


Members will be aware of the Recall Conference to take place on the 16th February 2006, which will be to discuss the Emergency Resolution proposed by the Executive Council.

As part of the campaign to force the Government to re think its proposals on the detrimental changes to your pensions, it is vital that you contact your MP expressing your concerns at these changes.

Please find attached draft copies of letters which may be adapted and sent to your MP, or alternatively you can visit the Unions website:, and by entering the ‘lobby your MP’ part of that site, simply follow the link where you will be able to send these letters directly.

I would emphasise again that the need for members to contact their MP’s as ultimately these are the people who will make the decisions on your Pensions.

It is possible, when enough people contact their MP’s to affect change.

Please take this opportunity to put as much pressure on parliamentarians as we possible can before we maybe forced to take strike action once again.

Yours sincerely,



As your constituent, I am writing to ask you to raise on my behalf, with the Minister responsible for Pensions my objections to proposed changes to the Firefighters Pension Scheme (FPS).

These proposals will have an adverse effect on myself and my colleagues. 

This will result in a worsening of arrangements for ill health retirements whether due to service or in fact as a result of being injured during a course of duty.

The raising of retirement age in the Firefighters Pension Scheme is based on no evidence that firefighters are able to continue longer to carry out this arduous job.

It would appear that the Firefighters Pension Scheme is facing, with the Local Government Pension Scheme, far worse treatment than other workers within the Public Sector. It is particularly difficult for us to accept worse treatment than the other 999 services.

I would ask that you raise my concern and ensure that myself and my colleagues are treated fairly.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

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