TUC Pensions Campaign Day

Circular: 2005HOC0043PW

Dear Brother / Sister


You will have read email Bulletin 30 announcing the TUC Pensions Campaign Day which has been set for Friday 18 February. This follows on from the successful Lobby of Parliament last year. The next EC meeting will finalise our proposals for the activities which members should engage in.

However, Regional and Brigade Officials are encouraged to ready the members for the initiatives that are under active consideration. As part of this process we also recommend that you meet with representatives of our sister-unions involved in this fight, and of course organise and co-ordinate specific local initiatives through your local regional TUC offices.

In order to assist you in this, you should bear in mind the aims of the campaign day which are:

• To make the case in local and regional media

• To bring pressure and local MPs in their constituencies and / or surgeries

• To give a focus for local events such as lunchtime briefings for members on the threats to their pension.

• To maximise cross-union cooperation in local campaign events either at lunchtime or after work.

• To provide maximum scope for affiliates to campaign in ways appropriate to their members.

• To coincide with the day of action, the TUC will be seeking a meeting with the Cabinet Office Minister (David Milliband) with responsibility for the Public Services Forum.

We recognise that this is a very busy time for our officials; however the importance of this battle for the membership and the movement cannot be underestimated. So clearly we urge you to do everything possible to make the day of action on 18 February a success.

In anticipation of the plans that the TUC and Regional TUCs have in mind you might wish to consider coordinated action including rallies, marches, and media work, contacting your MP at

http://www.locata.co.uk/commons/ or


and prospective parliamentary candidates in the forthcoming General Election.

We will of course keep you advised as more information becomes available.

Yours in unity,

National Officer
Health, Safety & Welfare



date: 11 January 2005

embargo: For immediate release

Attention: industrial, personal finance and political correspondents

Unions announce public sector pensions campaign date

A meeting today (Tuesday) of the TUC’s Public Service Liaison Group (PSLG) has chosen Friday 18 February as a nationwide day of campaigning for union members to voice their concerns at the detrimental changes the Government is planning to make to the pensions of all public sector workers.

Although the changes to the various pensions schemes vary from sector to sector, the unions are united in their desire to preserve decent pensions for workers across the public services. Of particular concern is the Government’s determination to increase the retirement age for all public sector workers.

When the PSLG last met before Christmas, the unions were keen for an urgent meeting to take place with senior Government ministers. The TUC is to keep up the pressure on ministers for this high level meeting to occur as soon as possible.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: 'This issue is not going to go away. Unions and their members are very angry at the changes the Government is proposing. There is enormous concern at the impact these proposals will have upon the lives of millions of public sector workers. We are determined to keep up the pressure on the Government.'

In just over five weeks’ time, on 18 February, the TUC is to co-ordinate a campaigning day of activities so that unions can argue the case to protect public sector pensions in their local and regional media, organise local rallies and other campaign events, and put pressure on local constituency MPs. To coincide with the campaign day, the TUC is also to seek a meeting with David Miliband, the Cabinet Office Minister with responsibility for the Public Services Forum.

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