FBU NO2 Fire Deaths campaign


Circular: 2004HOC0667JM

Dear Brother/Sister


In the spring of 2004 the FBU launched its national NO2 Fire Deaths Campaign.

The Campaign is one part of the Union’s work which aims to promote a popular culture of Zero tolerance to Fire Deaths amongst the public and politicians alike. The FBU continues to argue that acceptance and promotion of this Zero tolerance culture is the spring-board for effective Fire & Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Planning. The effectiveness of this planning, undertaken by local Fire & Rescue Authorities, will ultimately dictate how many fire deaths and injuries Firefighters and Emergency Fire Control Operators, the people who work in the front-line of service delivery, are able to prevent each year in the UK.

As part of the Union's Campaign, we are asking members to distribute the enclosed poster to shops and businesses in their station areas in the run up to Christmas.

We hope that you will feel able to support the NO2 Fire Deaths Christmas Campaign, and are prepared to work to ensure that local authority Integrated Risk Management Planning leads to robust preventative and emergency response strategies for the Fire & Rescue Service.

Your assistance is essential for the success of this phase of the Campaign.

Yours sincerely

John McGhee
National Officer

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