Matt Wrack

Wrack on the road: West Sussex, East Sussex; Kent and Surrey

Have just returned from two days in the FBU’s Region 11 (South East) attending meeting in each of thefour brigades West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent and Surrey. These meetings, once again, included a report on the various challenges and attacks we are facing. In these I have attempted to highlight the links between what is happening in the fire service and the wider attack on public services – indeed on all working people.

It’s about the whole future of our service

An interesting feature of all these discussions so far has been that our members have clearly understood the link between attacking our service itself and the attack on our own condition. For example, FBU members are amazed at some of the claims made these days in relation to fire service response times. Across the country, plans are being made which will lead to further slowdown in how quickly we get to emergencies – a poorer service to the public and an attack on our profession. In the case of the fire and rescue service cuts really do cost lives.


Members at the East Sussex meeting

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