The government wants firefighters and other public sector workers to pay more, work longer and still get less for our pensions. The FBU says this is daylight robbery.

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FBU documents

Pensions Bulletin Number 11: Campaigning for NFPS members
Pensions Bulletin Number 10: An insult to retained firefighters
Pensions Bulletin Number 9: No to mass sackings
Pensions Bulletin Number 8: Normal Pension Age Review
Pensions Bulletin Number 7: Public Service Pensions Bill
Pensions Bulletin Number 6: “Heads of Agreement”
Pensions Bulletin Number 5: NFPS
Pensions Bulletin Number 4: Unfair/Unworkable
Pensions Bulletin Number 3: Retained
Pensions Bulletin Number 2: Officers
Pensions Bulletin Number 1: Contributions attack

The FBU has formally presented these documents to the minister responsible for fire in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales along with an initial submission Protecting good quality occupational pensions in the fire and rescue service.

FBU submission to the Public Sector Pensions Bill Committee, 6 November 2012.

FBU bulletin on tax relief.

FBU executive council position on industrial action on pensions, 24 October 2011

The FBU response to the proposed increases to employee contribution rates, effective from 1 April 2012 for the FPS and NFPS-England only, 1 December 2011
FBU Contributions Consultation response for England
Appendix A

FPS NFPS Scotland consultation response
FPS NFPS Wales consultation response
FPS NFPS Northern Ireland consultation response

FBU response to the consultation on LGPS contribution and accrual rates

Independent reports

Pension Schemes in the Fire Service and the Independent Public Service Pensions Commission, an independent report by Tony Cutler and Barbara Waine.
A scoping study: Review of aging and the demands on firefighting by Richard Graveling and Joanne Crawford on behalf of the Institute of Occupational Medicine IOM.
A report on the impact of the governments’ proposal for members of the firefighters’ pension scheme and the new firefighters’ pension scheme; by Rob Hammond of First Actuarial consultants.
Fitness for Work: Estimate of the deterioration of the aerobic fitness of firefighters with age, by Richard Graveling on behalf of the Institute of Occupational Medicine IOM.
Normal Pension Age for Firefighters, January 2013; by Tony Williams for DCLG

All Press Releases and Circulars on Pensions:

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The government is attacking firefighters’ pensions. It wants firefighters to pay more, work for longer and still end up with less at retirement.
This bulletin explains the FBU’s assessment and what union members can do to campaign against these changes.This is the FBU’s submission to the Hutton commission’s call for further evidence.
Update on the Fairer Commutation campaign is here.