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Part-time Workers Settlement

[171AD] Part-time workers settlement – Advice to members who believe that the offer should be a larger amount

[155AD] Part-time workers – incorrect address

[154AD] – Part-time workers settlement – What to do if you have not recieved a letter regarding your claim

The FBU is pleased to announce that the confirmed date of dispatch for the bulk of offers on the Part-Time Workers Settlement will be going out on 5 March 2012.

This FBU circular: [136AD] Part Time Workers Settlement: Main Date for Dispatch of Offer Letters: 5 March 2012, explains the process.

Members should read this NJC circular carefully as it contains full details of what members and fire authorities should do at the appropriate time.

Members who wish to accept the offer made by their fire authority may do so by carrying out the steps indicated when accessing the Retained Firefighter Claims website. Members can log on to the website using their FBU membership number and National Insurance number.