Branch handbook

This handbook has been produced to assist Branch Officials in the day to day work of dealing with the various aspects of their role as an FBU Official. Since its foundation in 1918 the FBU has developed as the most influential voice within the UK Fire and Rescue Service and our policies and activities have helped to shape the UK Fire and Rescue Service into the finest in the world.

The basic principles of our work have never changed but with the advent of new legislation and an increase in the type of services that the Union provides for our members it is important that Branch Officials have an up to date handbook as a first point of reference.

The very first edition of the handbook, published in 1959, contained the words:
“Clearly the handbook is no more than a collection of data. Reading the handbook will not make a good trade unionist. But every good trade unionist wants an armoury that is well stocked”.

That statement is still true today.