20 October demos

On 20 October, the TUC has called a demonstration in London and the STUC a demonstration in Glasgow against the Westminster coalition government’s austerity measures. Firefighters will join hundreds of thousands of other workers marching for our future.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary said: “We face long-term economic problems. But our political leaders have failed to face up to them. For the next five years or more, unless policies change the economy will not grow, incomes will not rise, and there will be almost no new jobs.

“If the government keeps on with big spending cuts and austerity, we face a lost decade. Even on their own terms government policies are failing. To close the deficit we need a healthy growing economy that generates tax income. But austerity has led to a vicious circle of decline.

“Rather than deep, rapid spending cuts, we need to reverse our decline and build an economy that works for ordinary workers.”

The FBU wants to see a big attendance from FBU members and their families. Already our campaign coordinators in every region are looking at how this event can be built, transport arrangements etc. Please think about coming along.

More details on the TUC website.

FBU bulletin – 10 reasons to attend 20 October (London)

FBU bulletin – 10 reasons to attend 20 October (Glasgow)