Latest update on the fairer commutation campaign

Latest update on the fairer commutation campaign

The latest bulletin from the Pension Ombudsman in relation to our ongoing fairer commutation campaign is available. This latest bulletin and previous ones can be found using the following link here. This update confirms our previous advice that there is no need for members to take any further action at this stage as the previously submitted complaints will be used as test cases.

In our previous updates (see “News Archive”) we explained that the judicial review instigated by the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) was heard in June 2012 and that the judge decided that GAD is fully within our jurisdiction in relation to the complaint made by a firefighter about commutation factors.

GAD subsequently applied for permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal and on 31 October the judge refused to grant permission. GAD has now made an application to the Court of Appeal appealing against the judge’s decision refusing permission. We cannot say how long these court proceedings will take. In the meantime we will not be proceeding with the firefighter’s case.

There is still no need for members of police or firefighters’ schemes to take any further action and as we have said in previous updates, we plan to use complaints from the ones we have already received as “lead” complaints.

If you would like to read the judgment you can find it here.