The national women’s committee of the Fire Brigades Union is an elected group of women members, seeking to:

  • Identify resolve and promote all issues affecting women in the fire service
  • Progress equality and diversity issues in the workplace
  • Actively promote and support the FBU’s policy of eradicating bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Create and promote a supportive network for women FBU members
  • Provide and promote education opportunities for women in the FBU
  • Encourage women’s participation in main stream FBU issues
  • Through effective involvement in the trade union movement, equalise opportunities and improve conditions for all women workers
  • Assist and advise other organisations with common goals and aims
  • Advance and pursue international issues.

Visit the national women’s committee website here.

Secretary  Samantha Rye  07827 300 078  Samantha.Rye@fbu.org.uk

Chair  Helen Harrison  07767 886 189  Helen.Harrison@fbu.org.uk