NJC Circulars

Circulars issued in 2012

Circular NJC/9/12: Technical Advisory Panel – Mid and West Wales

Circular NJC/8/12: Technical Advisory Panel – Durham and Darlington

Circular NJC/7/12: Technical Advisory Panel – Greater Manchester

Circular NJC/6/12: Pay settlement 2012

Circular NJC/5/12: Pay settlement 2012

Circular NJC/4/12: Circular NJC/4/12 encloses a copy of the response from the Fire Minister in England in reference to the Diamond Jubilee Medal

Circular NJC/3/12: Diamond Jubilee extra Bank Holiday – 5th June 2012

Circular NJC/2/12: To mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, an official medal will be awarded to those in the armed forces and emergency services, and to prison service personnel.

Circular NJC/1/12: Part-time workers (prevention of less favourable treatment) regulations: fire brigades union agreement.

Circulars issued in 2011

Circular NJC/10/11: Details of the Employees’ Side of the NJC claim in connection with sick leave – taking of annual leave.

Circular NJC/9/11: NJC agreement on the replacement reference point for external verification in relation to the introduction of development pay on promotion.

Circular NJC/8/11: Annual Report prepared by the Independent Chair setting out the activities and achievements of both the National Joint Council and the Middle Managers Negotiating Body in 2010/11.

Circular NJC/7/11: Technical Advisory Panel recommendation – Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Circular NJC/6/11: Resolution Advisory Panel recommendation – London Fire Brigade.

Circular NJC/5/11: The NJC for Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services have agreed how to treat the Royal Wedding additional public holiday on the 29 April 2011

Circular NJC/4/11: Amendments to the Grey Book as a result of employment tribunal cases about the prevention of less favourable treatment for part-time workers

Circular NJC/3/11: Part Time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations – Fire Brigades Union Employment Tribunal Cases – Settlement Agreement.

Circular NJC/2/11: The National Joint Council has now agreed a number of changes to these provisions, together with a joint statement based on good practice.

Circular NJC/1/11: Formal agreement is now imminent and should be reached within the next week or so. The anticipated timetable is intended to ensure that settlement payments can be made within the current financial year.

Circulars issued in and prior to 2010