Press releases 2011

Brentwood firefighters join TUC day of action and anti-cuts demonstration on 30 November

Firefighters from Brentwood fire station will join the TUC Day of Action on Wednesday 30 November as part of their on-going campaign against the plan to cut an entire full time fire crew from the frontline in Brentwood.

The firefighters will be joining with other public service workers from across Essex demonstrating in Chelmsford against other frontline cuts in vital public services and fighting for fair pensions for all. more »

Fire Brigades Union welcomes assistance from Steven Torrie and H.M.I team for Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service

Following the meeting of the joint Fire Board at Highland Council HQ this afternoon, The Fire Brigades Union welcomes the offer of assistance from Steven Torrie and others in the team from H.M.I and his department, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Advisory Unit (SFRAU). The experience and knowledge brought to our area by Scotland’s top firefighter is very encouraging and hope that the safety of our members is given paramount importance moving forward. more »

Firefighters call on Mayor to step in to delay training privatisation decision and halt plans to switch £30 million to Met police

London Fire Brigades Union has called on Mayor Boris Johnson to step in and delay the decision on the privatisation of firefighter training set to be taken at a London fire authority meeting on 24 November. The same meeting will be asked to endorse the switch of a further £30 million from London Fire Brigade reserves to the Met police – a £20 million ‘one off’ payment was made last year.

The union accused the fire authority, chaired by Brian Coleman, of rushing through the decision making process on the 25-year training contract worth £18 million a year. more »

Firefighters Demand Senior Officers Come Clean On Axing Bucks Emergency 999 Fire Control

The Fire Brigades Union is demanding a full public consultation over fire authority plans to axe Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service emergency 999 fire service command and control centre.

At its meeting on the 28th September the Fire Authority took the decision, behind closed doors, to commence the process of outsourcing the Aylesbury based emergency 999 control room to Cambridgeshire, over 50 miles away. A number of other options were dismissed without the evidence being made public or any consultation taking place. more »

Safety concerns as West Yorkshire builds a bonfire of the fire service – 10 stations axed and one in ten frontline posts to go

West Yorkshire fire crews are warning of major public safety concerns over plans to axe 10 fire stations and lose 135 frontline firefighters – one in ten of the current crews who attend emergency incidents. The result will be longer attendance times to 999 incidents with fewer stations, crews and appliances spread much more thinly. more »

Why did Councillor Strong not declare interests at key Cabinet meeting over fire centre axe – union demands answers

The Fire Brigades Union is demanding to know why Councillor Gary Strong did not declare he was a director of North West Fire Control Limited at the Cabinet meeting which decided to move to the company’s regional fire control centre. The minutes and agenda contain no declaration. more »

Ballot for industrial action – London members

Ballot Result

Please note that the result of the ballot as to whether members of the FBU are prepared to take industrial action in relation to the current dispute is as follows:

Number of votes cast in the ballot: 2942

Number of individuals answering “yes” 2660

Number of individuals answering “no” 275

Number of spoiled voting papers: 7 more »

Fire Brigades Union slams moves for £30 million “giveaway” to the Met police

The Fire Brigades Union has slammed a move to give £30 million of London Fire Brigade money to the police. It follows a ‘one off’ move last year which saw £20 million passed to the Met, bringing the total to a massive £50 million in just 2 years.
The LFEPA finance sub committee has voted through the transfer from fire brigade reserves to the police. The Met police reported reserves of over £70 million and an under spend on officer pay of over £18 million in their accounts of 2009/2010.
more »

FBU Dundee to Nablus Project

The FBU welcomed today’s news of the release of their humanitarian aid by the Israeli Authorities.

The lifesaving firefighting kit had been detained at the Israeli Port of Haifa since Oct 14th.

At a meeting in the Scottish Parliament, FBU regional organiser Jim Malone praised the support given by politicians, trade unionists and individual donors. more »

Humanitarian Aid to Palestine

FBU give a cautious long awaited welcome to the Israeli Military’s decision to release most of the humanitarian equipment donated to the Nablus Fire Department.

Jim Malone, Scottish organiser says ‘Today’s news gives us some hope that this is nearly the end of what has been a long journey from Dundee to Nablus, the Palestinian firefighters will now, hopefully prepare to take ownership of the life saving equipment ‘. more »

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