Lobby your MP

Lobby your MP on cuts to fire services!

Across the country, cuts to fire and rescue services are meaning firefighters are taking longer to get to emergencies.

A motion currently being circulated in parliament calls on the government to halt all cuts to fire and rescue and make sure there is enough money to keep people safe.

Can you help protect public safety by asking your MP to sign the motion?

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Lobby your MP

Lobby Your MP on Flooding!
Please contact your MP to ask them to use his or her influence to convince the government to create a statutory duty on the service to respond to flooding incidents, as is the case in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

edm946Email your MP about : EDM 946 –Firefighters Additional Pensions Contributions

Write to your MP concerning Firefighters pensions (2013)

Use the following links if you are;

a Wholetime Firefighter

a Retired Firefighter

a Member of the Public

Firefighters’ Pensions – Click here

Essex Fire Service – EDM 395 – Click Here

Fire Services in the South West EDM 2927 – Click here