Legal advice

The Fire Brigades Union is proud to be able to offer its members the best possible legal protection in their work and lives through its unique partnership with Thompsons – the UK’s largest and longest established firm of specialist personal injury and trade union lawyers.

The firm has offices in major cities throughout the UK. Thompsons is the only law firm to have lawyers in all three UK legal jurisdictions and is committed to offering a national legal service wherever a union’s membership may be in the UK. A guide to Thompsons’ services for FBU members is here.

FBU Legal Services – A Total Package Of Benefits

The legal services FBU can provide to members include:

Work-related accidents and diseases – free representation

Non work-related accidents and diseases – free representation

Employment disputes – free representation

Family law – free half hour telephone advice

Benefits and consumer advice – free half hour telephone advice

Criminal law – representation where Legal Aid applies

Property and conveyancing – discount rates

Wills – free where applicable

Useful links and information

Except for employment disputes, access to the service is by calling 0808 100 6061. Separate numbers apply for the 24 hour criminal service – see below.
There are many other legal issues that you may need advice on which our legal service may be able to provide by way of free half hour telephone advice.

Useful telephone numbers

Free legal helpline: 0808 100 6061
Free legal helpline for Scotland: 08000 328 529
Union Head Office: 020 8541 1765
Free confidential stress and support hotline: 0800 783 4778
24 hour criminal helpline for Northern Ireland, Wales and England: 0800 587 7530
24 hour criminal helpline for Scotland: 0141 950 1441

The Legal Assistance Network

The FBU free legal advice line is run by Thompsons’ fully unionised call centre.
Thompsons established a call centre over five years ago. Now, known as Trade Union Call Handling (TUCH), it handles over 33,000 calls each year giving telephone advice on everything from the consequences of relationship breakdown, neighbour disputes, consumer and family law problems.
TUCH will ask for your FBU membership number when you call in.
The call centre uses the latest information technology to ensure that the calls coming in can be answered quickly and efficiently. The call is initially answered by an operator who can identify what kind of advice is required and arrange a half hour appointment with an advice worker to listen and help. All Thompsons advisers have access to both on line advice sources and a full legal library if they need it.
Sometimes a query may be one that regularly gets raised with TUCH and if it is there are a series of fact sheets that are available to send out to members.

Quality Assurance

Thompsons and the FBU have worked together for many years to ensure members receive a first class legal service. That commitment remains paramount and, to that end, we constantly monitor and quality control the service.
Members using the service will be contacted to seek their views on the service. This process allows us to develop and improve the service to meet the needs of members and their families.
Where a member is not satisfied with the service, Liz Wood at TUCH may be contacted on 0808 100 6061.
Beyond that, complaints may be directed to:
Doug Christie at Thompsons Solicitors, Congress House, Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LW.