Officers National Committee

 What do we do?

The Officers’ National Committee advises the Executive Council on matters affecting the conditions of employment of members of the Union of the rank of station officer and above and the negotiations attaching thereto. It is responsible for advising the Executive Council on the organisation and recruitment of officers into the Union.

It comprises of one member of station officer rank or above from each of the Union’s 13 regions, a chair and a secretary. The member from each region is elected by the officer members in the region. The national chair and secretary is elected by officer members in line with the Union rulebook. It can, subject to the approval of the Executive Council, elect members to serve in a capacity advisory to the Executive Council upon the national negotiating bodies concerned with officers’ conditions of employment.

In conjunction with the Executive Council the Officers’ National Committee organises an annual general meeting of representatives of officer members.

The chair and secretary of the Officers’ National Committee have the status of a regional chair and regional secretary.

Contacts Publications
EC member John Arnold 07827300080 Officer Issue: Spring 2011
Secretary Marti Pottinger 07827300075 Officer Issue: Summer 2010
Chair Mick Higgins 07827 300086 Officer Issue: Spring 2010